1. Unf. Love/hate when she teases like this

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  3. It’s always good when she lets me watch her with someone else. Even when things get very, very close. Especially then. 

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  4. After a few weeks of being locked away, its amazing how arousing even her breath becomes. 

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  5. Gorgeous cage. Would love to have one of these. 

    And - bonus! - I could actually pee standing up wearing one. 

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  8. It’s such an amazingly powerful mindfuck to be part of her getting whatever pleasure she wishes - from whomever she wishes - while being denied my own. 

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  9. What a deliciously evil way to be teased. 

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  11. I love the lust and the frustration of pleasuring her while she has me locked in chastity. 

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  14. I love/hate when she torments me this way. Mostly love. 

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  15. I can’t imagine that’s terribly comfortable for her.

    I know from experience that it’s definitely not comfortable for him. 

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