1. Unf. Love/hate when she teases like this

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  2. After a few weeks of being locked away, its amazing how arousing even her breath becomes. 

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  3. Just enough of a tease to give him hope that if he does well in pleasing her, maybe she’ll give him a little pleasure of his own. 

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  4. securebondage:

    That frustrating moment when She stops playing, leaving me behind, hard, throbbing and denied.

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  5. She can go on like this for hours. He’s about to find out - to his increasing frustration - that so can he. 

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    While she may cum all she likes… he’s left quivering and pulsating in frustration unable to sleep.

  7. I love the look of desperation that’s already set in on his face. That’s as far as she’s taking him tonight. 

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  8. Wonderful fingertip tease. Just enough to drive him crazy, nowhere near enough to push him over the edge. 

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  9. haversackers:

    "I’m going to suck it a bit, but you darn well better not cum, Mister!"

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  10. What a wonderful way to be teased.

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  11. I love/hate when she torments me this way. Mostly love. 

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  12. A little tug is just enough to keep him aroused but pull him back from the edge of orgasm.

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  13. I love when she works me up to this level of desperation.

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  14. Nine times of ten, I hate captions within the picture. And then there’s that one time where the caption is spot-on. This captures the dynamic I love perfectly. 

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  15. Of all of the ways I live to be teased, this is absolutely one of the most intense: her lips on mine, her hand on my cock, her pussy inches away, and everything completely in her control. 

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