1. No audio needed. 

    And as frustrating as it is at the time, I so miss being driven right to the edge and then made to stop like this. 

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  2. haversackers:

    "I’m going to suck it a bit, but you darn well better not cum, Mister!"

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  3. What a wonderful way to be teased.

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  4. I love/hate when she torments me this way. Mostly love. 

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  5. A little tug is just enough to keep him aroused but pull him back from the edge of orgasm.

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  6. I love when she works me up to this level of desperation.

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  7. Nine times of ten, I hate captions within the picture. And then there’s that one time where the caption is spot-on. This captures the dynamic I love perfectly. 

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  8. Of all of the ways I live to be teased, this is absolutely one of the most intense: her lips on mine, her hand on my cock, her pussy inches away, and everything completely in her control. 

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  9. "Never forget who this belongs to."

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  10. Dear god, how I love/hate when she brings me this close but no further. 

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    You like that pussy don’t you? You like that I’m going to cum on your face. You like that I’m the only one who’s going to cum tonight. That’s right. Eat that pussy while your cock gets hard, and throbs, and begs for release. I know you like it. In fact, I know you love it. And lucky for you, so do I.


  12. Close. But not closer. 

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  13. I can’t imagine that’s terribly comfortable for her.

    I know from experience that it’s definitely not comfortable for him. 

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  14. "Down, boy. We won’t be using that tonight."

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  15. I know it’s incredibly frustrating, I know that when it happens there’s nothing I want more in the world to be released, but I have to admit that there are few things I love as much as her teasing me when she has me locked up. 

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