2. Her smile is what really makes this.

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  3. Someone clearly loves being the center of attention.

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  4. I’m mesmerized by her happy look of conquest. 

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  5. Oh my, the expressions and laughter on her face …

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  8. Oh god, I love that evil grin on her face. 

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  9. I love the look on her face. 

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  10. In my opinion, that’s exactly how pegging should look: a blissful look on his face and a smile on hers.

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  12. I always want to leave her with this kind of contended smile. 

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  13. God, the look on her face …

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  14. I love this picture. She’s exhausted and worn him out, but there’s a contented smile on his face. And her smile, undoubtedly from tremendous satisfaction that her boy took so much for her, is fantastic. 

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  15. His expression is absolutely fantastic. Even when she’s torturing me, the truth is, I am having the time of my life. 

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